About our Candidate

The Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke riding association for the Conservative Party of Canada is pleased to announce that Dr. Randall Pewarchuk has been acclaimed to run as the candidate in the upcoming federal election. Dr. Pewarchuk is a long-time resident in Metchosin and a respected dentist in the area for almost three decades. He is a small- business owner, medical professional and dedicated father and grandfather who prides himself on his sense of community.

Randall and his wife, Agnes, have lived and raised their sons in beautiful Metchosin since 1992. Randall was raised by a hard working blue -collar union family that taught him the virtue of hard work and responsibility for one’s actions. He was also taught the importance of helping those in need and this influenced his decision to become a dentist. He is proud to see his sons become successful in medicine, dentistry and accounting. His sons have all returned to the Metchosin area and Randall is now the proud grandfather of four grandsons! But, like so many families, he worries about his grandchildren's future.

 Randall has spent decades in the Esquimalt, Saanich and Sooke region and has seen first hand the beauty and greatness of the people and the community.  Unfortunately, these people have been regularly let down when it comes to affordability, sustainability and the ability to get ahead.  The federal government has abandoned the very people it was meant to serve.  This affects every family that calls this great community home.

Many grave threats challenge us today and threaten future generations: climate change, massive deficits, reckless spending and the job-killing effects that onerous taxes and regulations have on small business and families. We must meet these challenges head-on. It is possible to have a strong economy and a clean environment and this starts with limiting government interference on innovators and entrepreneurs. The jobs of today and the industries of tomorrow can grow and thrive together. Randall believes that individuals that work hard everyday to provide for their families and communities know how to spend their money more wisely than the government.

Vote for Randall if:

  • You agree that families need more affordability in housing and transportation.
  • You want lower taxation so that you can keep more of your hard-earned dollars.
  • You don't want to risk losing your livelihood to over-aggressive, rushed and questionable green initiatives at the expense of a stable economy.
  • You want a representative who actually represents this riding's people rather than the interests of Ottawa.

 Vote for a friend and neighbour on October 21st and let Randall make you proud in Ottawa!