Federal government needs to deploy more troops immediately to aid Nova Scotia clean-up

October 01, 2022

TRURO, NS – Dr. Stephen Ellis, Member of Parliament for Cumberland—Colchester, and Rick Perkins, Member of Parliament for South Shore—St. Margarets, made the following statement regarding the clean-up efforts in Nova Scotia following Hurricane Fiona:

“It has now been one week since Hurricane Fiona devastated Nova Scotia and even after one full week there are thousands of people across Nova Scotia without power; thousands whose roads remain impassible; and thousands who cannot access work, school or basic services.

“Within one week of Hurricane Dorian, the federal government had provided over 700 troops to Nova Scotia to help with the clean-up from that disaster. Why is the federal government so slow when we have thousands of military troops in Nova Scotia ready for this type of assistance? The time for photo ops is over. The first and only priority of the Trudeau government should be providing the province with the immediate support it needs in both troops and financial aid. Anything less is unacceptable. Nova Scotians are rightfully frustrated.

“Men and women are working around the clock to restore power and clean up our communities. But they need more help. For days, the Premier has made it abundantly clear to the relevant Ministers that more military boots on the ground are required, yet his requests have fallen on deaf ears. Some support is not full support – and without listening and responding to the needs of the Premier and those on the ground, Justin Trudeau is letting the people of Cumberland—Colchester, South Shore—St. Margaret’s – and all of Nova Scotia down.

“That is why the Conservatives support the request of Premier Tim Houston and call on the Trudeau government to immediately deploy 1,000 military personnel to aid in the clean-up efforts in Nova Scotia.”