About our Candidate of Record Laura Frost

The Esquimalt-Saanich-Sooke riding association for the Conservative Party of Canada is pleased to announce that Laura Frost has been acclaimed to run as the candidate in the upcoming federal election.

Laura Frost is an environmental researcher who works with the federal and provincial governments on land management.   She has a PhD in Geography from UVic on wildfire research with climate links and a Master of Science on approaches to degraded land restoration through indigenous knowledge.  She is a registered Professional Forester. 

Laura is visionary, often ahead of current issues by years.  She is passionate, one who fights for noble and right causes.  She does not tilt at windmills.  She lives her life according to her core values, navigating carefully through the difficult issues of our day; such as climate change, land management, wildfires, community voice in government, using technology wisely, personal privacy, senior’s advocacy, and physical and mental wellness.

Laura believes that her professional experiences, education, high ethics, and core beliefs will enable her to make a substantive contribution to our community, and indeed Canadians, as your Member of Parliament.

Laura is a wife and stepmom to a grown son.  She is an avid outdoors person who loves fishing and canoeing.  She loves her dogs, working in her vegetable patch in Saanich, and spending time with her church community who are like extended family to her.

Vote for Laura if:

  • You agree that families need more affordability in housing and transportation
  • You value the environment 
  • You want a Member of Parliament who actually represents this riding's people rather than the interests of Ottawa.

It is time for a change 

Check out Laura's Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCm2UdaPEH7fNIbWEiCTVANw

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