Pub night with David Busch

June's pub night will be an interesting one. A deep dive into our health care system, where it came from, why it's failing, and the options to fix it. 

Our system is based on the Scandinavian model of the late 60's.  Ironically, the Scandinavians abandoned the model in the 70's recognizing it would be unsustainable in the long term.  While it had been slowly crumbling, failing to keep up with our growing population, it took a big hit in the early 90's (changes to residency, changes to doctor lifestyle, and the Chretien Libs).  The system took another major hit in 2016 with Trudeau's tax changes, then along came the pandemic which finally forced Canada to at least admit the system was in a full blown crisis (and cost BC 5% of its health care workers).  

We need to stop comparing ourselves to the USA and instead look at pretty much every other OECD countries who spend less, and get better results than Canada.
- David Busch
June 11, 2024 5:30 PM
Six Mile Pub
494 Island Hwy
Victoria, BC V9B 1H5,
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