Stop the Liberal tax hikes

At a time of generationally-high inflation, many Canadians are struggling to get by. There are people in this country that are just hanging on by a thread.

The Liberals’ response? More tax hikes on your paycheque, gas, home heating, groceries, and alcohol.

Enough. .

Pierre Poilievre and a nation of Conservatives will fight back against all Liberal tax hikes.

Join us – say NO to all Liberal tax hikes.

We are building out our election readiness plans and need your help on our fundraising committee. Fundraising is a critical function for election readiness to fund our lawn sign penetration, advertising, venue bookings, and mail outs. We provide full training, it's not too much time, and the job is critical to success. If you can't volunteer please consider donating $100, you will get 75% of it back when you file your taxes!!! 

Will you sign?

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