Liberal MP- tells the truth!

October 08, 2023

Ottawa, ON — After eight years of Justin Trudeau, a Liberal MP is finally admitting the harm that has been caused by Trudeau’s punishing policies. Here’s what Newfoundland Liberal MP Ken McDonald had to say today about Trudeau’s carbon tax: 


“I believe we have to change the way we're approaching the climate change incentive or whatever you wanna call it. I think what we're using right now at this point in time is putting a bigger burden on people who are now struggling with an affordability crisis.” 

  • “I think it's [the carbon tax] hurting them a fair bit. Everywhere I go, people come up to me and say, you know, we're losing faith in the Liberal Party... I've had people tell me they can't afford to buy groceries. They can't afford to heat their homes, and that's hard to hear from, especially seniors who live alone and tell me that they go around their house in the spring and winter time with a blanket wrapped around them 'cause they can't afford the home heating fuel and they can't afford to buy beef or chicken.” 
  • “Minister Freeland came to me when she was in Newfoundland … And she told me, she said, ‘I am going to correct this, and you were right.’” 
  • “We can't keep adding on to expenses. And David, you know that everything in our province comes in by boat and by truck, and they burn fuel. Lots of it. And that cost to bring it in is gonna be added to every item that gets on a store shelf somewhere. So that is punishing anybody who goes to buy, whether it's a chocolate bar or, tin or milk. Anything, any, a piece of two by four will go up, which will make homes more expensive to build.” 
  • COCHRANE: “But what are the consequences for your party in Newfoundland and Labrador in the next election? If this isn't addressed?" MCDONALD: “I think they will lose seats. Not just in Newfoundland, not just in Atlantic Canada, but indeed right across the country. If they don't get a grasp on this the way that I think they should … but this one is hitting home to everybody I speak to, and it's a grassroots issue. And if an election were called today, I'm not sure if the liberal party would actually form the government.” 
  • “And I know the, the government is pushing people switching over to heat pumps and whatnot, but many homes, especially the older homes, are not designed for that. They're not built to sustain the heat from a heat pump. So I don't think it works for everybody.” 
  • COCHRANE: “Is he [Steven Guilbeault] the right messenger for that part of the country on this?" MCDONALD: “No, he's not. And because he's so entrenched in this and, and, and I get it. I mean, where he came from and, and his whole idea of, making a big difference in climate change, but you can't do it all overnight. You can't make it more expensive on people than what they can handle. And that's exactly what's happening right now.