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The Conservative Party of Canada is the only party capable of removing the Liberals from power. We have the best political leader of any party and a solid, sensible, and well rounded platform that addresses inflation, housing, environment, and foreign policy with concise policy. Conservatives will unleash the power of the Canadian economy to make more of what money buys to drive down inflation, remove gatekeepers driving up the cost of housing, and position policies that help build a sustainable economy within a sustainable environment. 

We've listened to your concerns; housing is unaffordable for many British Columbians, we have mixed policy on environmental protections and housing density, and we fear Trudeau is destroying our country. The board, committees, and volunteers supporting the Esquimalt Saanich Sooke Electoral Association fully support a platform that addresses these issues we need your help to win the riding and position our local concerns on the national stage. 

Pledge your support to vote Conservative during the next election by texting   yescpc  to 250 800 9235 or clicking the button below   

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